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Where are the federal plans for freight?

Posted in Rail News on 2019-05-17 13:34:09

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has argued that neither the Federal Government nor Opposition have announced enough policy on Australia’s supply chain in the lead-up to the May 18 election.

Libs ramp up priority for freeway

Posted in Victorian Rail News on 2011-11-17 07:34:19

A CONTROVERSIAL freeway through inner Melbourne and a new underground rail line have again topped the state's wish list for funding from Canberra, with the Baillieu government saying it wants to proceed with a series of major transport projects first proposed by Labor.

The government today will unveil its submission to the federal government's advisory body Infrastructure Australia. It marks the first release of the Coalition's transport proposals since coming to office last November.

However, the submission does not say when any of the projects detailed would be built, or what they would ultimately cost. Premier Ted Baillieu said yesterday he did not want to make these predictions until more planning had been done.

Govt plans for north-south rail link

Posted in Rail News on 2005-04-18 14:11:07

The Federal Government has revealed it will fund a feasibility study into a $3 billion project to build a freight rail link between Melbourne and Brisbane, completing the rail network linking the mainland state capitals.

PRESIDENT Barack Obama calculates the cost of US road and air congestion at $US80 billion ($A110 billion) a year.

So he has announced 10 new fast-rail projects to connect the four corners of the continent, from Boston to San Diego and beyond.

The initial budget for the new rail projects will be $US13 billion, including $US5 billion to renovate the existing inter-city routes.

Brisbane’s crucial Cross-River Rail project will not go ahead if the federal government fails to provide the majority of funding, a minister has warned while unveiling a cut-price version of previous plans.

Queensland Transport Minister Scott Emerson today also flagged interim measures to deal with inner-city capacity problems looming in 2016, including rearranging train seats to ensure more people have to stand up.

“I don’t say it’s going to be popular for passengers to have to stand for longer and I’m sorry about that but the reality is this is what we have inherited from the previous government,” he said of the imminent capacity bottleneck over the city’s Merivale Bridge, the only CBD rail river crossing.

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