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Tourism and Heritage Rail Policy

Posted in Tasmanian Rail News on 2018-02-17 20:22:09

With the strong increase in visitor numbers to Tasmania, new tourism experiences need to be developed to create new jobs and investment, as well as encourage visitors to continue to return to the State.

THE Tasmanian election is done and dusted. Rail enthusiasts can now look forward to the Liberal Government’s promised implementation of its “Supporting Tourism and Heritage Rail” policy.

The Association of Tourist Railways Inc (Victoria) reported a very mixed half-year (sept 2004 - Feb 2006) to the delegates heading towards the six-monthly meeting of Association of Tourist & Heritage Rail Australia (ATHRA). Whilst there were notable sucesses with 15oth anniversary celebrations and the Castlemaine line re-opening, there were significant difficulties on the reulatory front.

Newcastle rail line necessary for progress

Posted in Opinion on 2014-09-05 13:09:49

Keeping the rail line is all about progress.

The economic development and social life of Newcastle has always rested on the activities of the Hunter Region, the largest regional economy in Australia. As the accessible ocean port, Newcastle has long provided the doorway to Sydney and the rest of the world. However, a healthy economy is a diverse one.

Numerous national and international studies show that better access to public transport ­contributes to higher socio-economic status and provides some insulation against economic downturns as the population is able to move more easily between different industry hubs as ­industries change.

Straight and narrow

Posted in Victorian Rail News on 2009-11-01 04:08:05

It showed up some time between slow food and slow fashion. Slow travel is the new backpacking, a modern response to mass, "no-frills" fast travel and "must-see" tours.

So trekking, cycling and leisurely road trips are in, as are extended stays in one destination and embracing the local way of life.

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