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The Year Begins

Posted in Railway Preservation on 2018-02-28 01:43:54

With volunteers and employees both having days off with holidays, the new year is s soft start. As individuals became available works start up again.

GRAINCORP has announced it is looking at investing in rail infrastructure to improve efficiencies in getting grain to port terminals.

And it is expecting to announce the closure of inefficient silos before harvest begins this year.

Speaking at the release of the company’s half-yearly profit results today, GrainCorp executive chairman Don Taylor said the agribusiness was willing to invest in rail but preferred co-investment with governments.

Mr Taylor welcomed the investment by the Victorian Government to standardise the Mildura and Hopetoun rail lines but said it was “not without its challenges”.

On track for more of the same

Posted in Victorian Rail News on 2009-06-29 16:21:02

JEFF Kennett announced the arrival of Connex in Melbourne on July 13, 1999. International expertise would make Melbourne "the envy of governments around the world", as rail services improved, subsidies fell and patronage went through the roof. The key to Connex's winning bid was a promise to transform Flinders Street Station into a vibrant community hub, incorporating a boutique hotel.

Not surprisingly, President Barack Obama’s plan to connect 80 percent of America by high-speed rail by 2025 is facing major resistance from Republicans.

Earlier this week, the White House unveiled a plan to spend $53 billion on high-speed rail over the next six years.

The money would have gone to building new lines and well as upgrading existing passenger lines in areas such as the northeast and midwest.

Bursa begins LRV testing

Posted in International Rail News on 2015-10-06 00:35:28

TURKEY: The first two vehicles for the T2 extension of the Bursaray light metro network in Bursa are now on test. 

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has ordered 12 Silkworm light rail vehicles from Durmazlar as part of the extension project, following an order for 60 LRVs placed at the start of the year.

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