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The Full Monty (Python that is!)

Posted in Model Railways on 2018-02-28 07:40:59

It was only a matter of time that we had another visit from one of the National Parks neighbours. I should expect the occasional visit from wild life living so close to the bush. We seem to have the annual pilgrimage of the brush turkeys, possums and recently two days in a row a large goanna decided to walk up the front driveway and then disappear down the back yard.

The other day we were visited by a rather long diamond python. My wife spotted him (her? hard to tell) It was a warm day and he just slithered for a while over the warm concrete and then shot off into the garden. After taking a photo I went to warn my neighbour in case they got a sudden surprise. Being an ex National Park worker he rang a mate to come and take him back to the bush, but when we looked again for him he was gone. Never to be seen again. I suppose it is not a big deal with many of you having also come across snakes.

Palin on top

Posted in Railway Stories on 2004-11-07 17:50:17

TV's favourite adventurer heads off through some of the

most remote and rugged terrain on Earth en route to the Himalayas.

Brian Courtis reports.

Michael Palin is pretty sure now it is an addiction.

Television's best-known world traveller says his insatiable

curiosity, the places on the map he still wants to visit, and his

very real interest in other people's lives all suggest he will keep coming back for adventure.

The Member for the western New South Wales state seat of Dubbo, Dawn Fardell, is demanding an investigation into what she calls the "inhumane treatment" of CountryLink passengers travelling from Dubbo to Sydney earlier this month.

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