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Rail transport best way to go

Posted in New Zealand Rail News on 2018-03-11 12:15:45

RAIL transport is one of the alternative modes of moving passengers and goods world over.

NSW was once a state that built big, bold, forward-looking infrastructure. Our predecessors built the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Snowy Hydro Scheme and the Sydney Opera House. They turned an isolated penal colony into a world-class city in the booming Asia-Pacific region. But what will we have to show for our time as leaders of our great state?

Sydney is a great city, but it's a city that is losing its mojo as we fret over the challenges of being a successful modern city – housing affordability, transport congestion and cost-of-living pressures. Our predecessors looked at challenges like these as an opportunity to take calculated risks and build grand projects that solved the problems of the time and of which we now stand in awe.

The Greens released a report this week claiming an east coast High Speed Rail line would deliver benefits of $48 billion. Trouble is, it would cost much more than this to build and would mainly benefit regional leisure travellers

Inland Rail promise finally to be fulfilled

Posted in Rail News on 2014-06-06 16:43:21

Construction of the long-awaited Inland Rail is scheduled to start next year following a $300 million allocation from the federal government.

The project has been discussed for many years as a way of moving freight from the regions to the ports more quickly and economically.

The team responsible for delivering the project, the Inland Rail Implementation Group, met community members and stakeholders at the Narrabri Bowling Club yesterday to explain its progress and direction.

The inland route, known as the far western corridor, passes through Albury, Stockinbingal, Parkes, Narromine, Gwabegar, Narrabri, Moree and North Star before heading into Queensland through Yelarbon.

It will continue through Inglewood, Milmerran, Oakey, Gowrie, Rosewood and Kagaru and finish in Brisbane.

Narrabri Shire Mayor Cr Conrad Bolton said it was logical that the Narrabri area would be the site for one of the inter-modal hubs on the route.

There were serious flaws in the assessment which led to the rejection of a northern rail transport option for Christchurch, writes CHRISTOPHER KISSLING.

The Greater Christchurch Northern Rail - Rapid Assessment (GCNRRA) was released recently and the rail option that would temporarily reinstate rail commuter passenger services to alleviate road traffic congestion on the city's northern access has been voted down.

There are serious flaws that flow from the assessment's restricted brief.

The most obvious is the cost of support infrastructure. Cost kills this temporary proposal. Perversely, $10 million is regarded as too expensive but $300m-$400m for two motorway bypasses is judged acceptable.

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