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A rail trail group have been lobbying NSW MPs to amend the Transport Administration Act 1988 (Section 99A) to allow the transfer of sections of the 132 km Murwillimbah to Casino rail corridor from transport use to Crown Lands ‘for the sole purpose of constructing a rail trail’.

It's a community asset that stretches more than 50 kilometres, features beautiful landscapes and historic buildings, and it's used by all sorts of people at all sorts of times - so why isn't more being done to look after the Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail?

The words “rail” and “trail” go together in Santa Cruz County. For decades officials have been trying to push forward a project that would convert an abandon freight rail line into a 32-mile light rail/pedestrian and bicycle trail that would serve hundreds of thousands every year. Today that endeavor is happening right before everyone’s eyes.

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