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The Queensland Budget will invest a record of $23 billion investment in roads and transport infrastructure over the next four years.

A BOOMING region less than 100km from Brisbane will “choke’’ unless governments heed the recommendations of decades of costly studies and upgrade rail and road infrastructure.

A decade-long roads building binge has squandered much of the money on pork-barrelling in Australia's marginal regional electorates while cities have been a secondary priority.

How our major cities will look in 2027

Posted in Rail News on 2017-02-10 06:57:07

AUSTRALIAN cities are getting ready to explode into the future, with road, rail, metro and business and leisure hubs springing up at record speed.

Leader of One Nation in Queensland, Steve Dickson, says that Queensland's Cross River Rail project is "$5.4 billion that doesn't need to be spent until 2036. Infrastructure Australia has said that this project is not needed until that time". RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates.

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