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Behold, the future!

IT could be faster than flying, good for the environment and be our next great “nation-building exercise”. But does Australia have the wherewithal to make an idea as big and expensive as high-speed rail a reality?

Climate change think tank Beyond Zero Emissions will present a report in Brisbane tonight that advocates for Australia to take up this major infrastructure challenge.

Reality check for the people of Victoria: there is no train to the airport "with services every 10 minutes", no tunnel beneath the city connecting Fishermans Bend and St Kilda Road to the CBD. You are being fed a myth. Again. These rail projects are never happening, or at least not for decades.

The worse part is millions of dollars that could be invested in better public transport is instead being spent propagating this public transport illusion across television, radio and print media.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten promised a working rail link to the Western Sydney Airport from the day it opens during his second visit to the Macarthur region in a week.

If you have ever been packed in like a sardine on a bus to Sydney's most famous beach, you might have wondered why there is not a train station closer to the sand and surf. Curious Sydney investigates.

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