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Thirty-two new train services will start this week, adding 14,000 seats to south east Queensland's rail network.

COINCIDING with the Premier's new faster-rail timetable

announcement, there was only one glitch on the 11.08am VLocity

service to Ballarat, which could have turned the Government's day

quite literally into a train wreck.

PEOPLE love trains in Hong Kong. Not surprising, really, given they tend to be fast, frequent, clean, safe, almost totally reliable, and dirt cheap. This week, the majority government-owned company that runs the Hong Kong system, MTR, had a malfunction that hit the front pages of a local newspaper. One line was disrupted for two hours, meaning trains would run every 12 minutes instead of every eight.

If only the news could be so bad in Melbourne each morning.

The Mail can today reveal the millions paid to rail bosses who run Britain’s costly and overcrowded train services.

Stand clear called for fast trains

Posted in Victorian Rail News on 2006-09-03 10:13:02

The first of the fast rail express country services and new peak period city trains will run on Monday. And the Government is gunning to have the last of the fast trains, a semi-express service from Traralgon, on track for October 16.

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