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The Andrews Labor Government has opened an extra lane on the Tullamarine Freeway as the CityLink Tulla Widening project nears completion.

A fourth inbound lane opened this morning along the 2km stretch between Melrose Drive and Bulla Road in time for the Monday morning peak, connecting with extra lanes opened last year between Bulla Road and the CityLink tunnels.

IN March, we get a rare opportunity. Tullamarine Airport Master Plan is made public in draft form, with the opportunity to describe what we want our major airport to be.

It's not a chance that comes along very often. It may be our only crack at fixing Tullamarine in our lifetimes.

When Tullamarine opened in 1970, it was a visionary and world-class facility. It was sited in a green wedge away from urban development but still close to the city, with plenty of capacity and room for growth in a modern single-terminal model.

What on earth are they doing to Spencer Street? The station

redevelopment continues to win praise, and rightly so. Its roof is

stunning, "breasts" and all, the remodelled West End hub a 21st

century tribute to the grand 19th century terminuses of London -

Waterloo, Paddington, Victoria, Kings Cross - and a fitting

counterpoint to Flinders Street's grand old dame.

Rail rules as airport option

Posted in Victorian Rail News on 2013-05-28 10:39:45

MELBOURNE Airport's master plan gives priority to a rail link into the CBD in contrast to the state government's main infrastructure priority: an east-west road tunnel under the city.

The airport draft plan favours what is known as the Albion East rail connection, part of the Metro Rail Link, which is also supported in the recent federal government budget.

LOVE the old Yes Minister TV shows. Brilliant insight into politics and how it all works. Or how it doesn’t work.

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