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RACQ has welcomed the start of extra rail services in south east Queensland today, but said the State Government now needed to deliver a singular Public Transport Authority for the network to remain sustainable.

Revelations the state government has run out of money to complete the $440 million Murray Basin Rail Project came at a very unfortunate time for the upgrade, according to a leading rail infrastructure expert.

Mind the gap

Posted in Queensland Rail News on 2017-11-11 20:02:16

As public transport meltdowns go, Brisbane’s was a doozy, claiming the scalps of a CEO and a minister. Are these $120K driver jobs the fix?

Governor Andrew Cuomo and his team of experts toured the L train tunnel last month. On Thursday, he torpedoed three years of careful planning.

Railroader of the Year: CN’s JJ Ruest

Posted in USA on 2019-01-15 12:55:00

Ruest took a railroad plagued with service problems and serious network capacity shortages and implemented aggressive capital investment and service quality programs.

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