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Active Transport at Any Age

Posted in Other Transport News on 2019-11-26 17:55:24

The concept of Cycling Without Age is taking elderly people out for bike rides in specially built trishaw bikes piloted by volunteers.

The STAYSAFE Committee, NSW Parliament's road safety watchdog Committee, released its report into the safety of railway level crossings on Thursday 21 October 2004. The report can be downloaded from NSW Parliament's website:

Click on Committees, scroll down to STAYSAFE Committee.

The planning model for Melbourne won't stop the sprawl

or the cars, writes Kenneth Davidson.

CONNEX could soon be in the running to operate Melbourne's trams as well as its trains, after its French parent company confirmed it wanted to take control of the company behind Yarra Trams.

The State Government will announce within weeks its preferred contractors to run Melbourne's trains and trams for the next eight years.

Connex, owned by French firm Veolia, is bidding for the train contract.

Since opening in 1863, the London Underground has expanded to become one of the most iconic metros in the world. And yet, in an age when passengers want to spend most of their waking hours glued to their smartphones, internet connectivity has remained relatively weak.

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